2030 Agenda?

You can hold your government
to actual UN resolutions.

What has your government agreed at the UN General Assembly?

Is your government, newspaper, university, or school telling the truth about global goals, social science, or human progress?

Here are original UN resolutions, UN reports and extracts from them, with observations on UN goals and some large-scale social science.  

The material also includes government statements, academic research papers, school examination papers, other documents, and writings by the editor, Matt Berkley.


Global Lies?  World Information Report.

2500-page "source book"/"partial history" of global goals and some global claims.   Draft 6 June 2020, 97-megabyte download.   

Please see the latest corrections and clarifications list for the main document, in a text document near the top of the page:

The main document provides extracts from original documents such as UN resolutions, reports, communications and research papers.

It points out connections between them - including false statements.


Over 1000 documents:  Animal rights including those of humans, global goals and some large-scale "scientific" claims.  Revised September 2021. 

Many of the file names tell you some key facts about what is correct or incorrect in the documents - or what may seem important.   This is sometimes quite easy to find out, by comparing claims with what is in the original documents.   Sometimes it is harder because, for example, there are many UN agreements on similar things. Some comments in file names are in draft form.  

For some documents, text has been highlighted or formatted. Some have comments added or corrections shown.

The documents and extracts are largely in date order.  This is a work in progress.  Please read the notes at the top of the page, .

The page links to some more recent documents than in the main document below.  

Some documents quoted in the main document are not yet on that page.
Some documents on the page are not yet in the main document.



The links are to

"Fact-checking heads of state and government, UN agencies, academics, journalists, and fact-checkers".

The work is more than fact checks, and is described in more detail at the site.


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Theory of social science and common mistakes about economics, made by not only people with no economic training but also, too often, professors:  

False and misleading statements in the media on global affairs: