What goals have nations actually agreed on your behalf at the UN General Assembly?

Is what your government says about global goals true?

Original UN resolutions and other documents
Observations on reasoning in some large-scale social science

Over 1000 documents:  Global goals and some very large-scale social science 

Many of the file names tell you some key facts about what is wrong or right in the documents.
Highlighting shows you some parts you might find interesting.
UN resolutions, academic research papers, school examination papers, and other documents.
Largely in date order.   Work in progress.   Please read the notes at the top of the page.
On 11 April 2018, this has more recent documents than in the big document below.

Some documents quoted in the big document are not yet in this list.
Some documents in this list are not yet in the big document.

2500-page "Partial History" of global goals and some global claims   

This document provides extracts from original documents such as UN resolutions, reports, communications and research papers.
It points out connections between them - including false statements.
Draft 22 March 2018, 91-megabyte download.

Edited by Matt Berkley





The document is also at:


"Fact-checking heads of state and government, UN agencies, academics, journalists, and fact-checkers"

The work is more than fact checks, and is described in more detail at the site above.


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